Last week there were 5 lightning deaths in the United States.

The last of them, Scott Pasour, 54, was struck by lightning in North Carolina. The accident occurred when he stopped with two friends to put on rain gear. His two friends – who were unharmed – said they had not seen any lightning until the fateful event.

This makes five lightning deaths across the U.S. in the past week alone. According to John Jensenius Jr., Lightning Safety Specialist for the National Weather Service (NWS), the annual average is 49 deaths and hundreds of people injured by lightning.

The specialist also said that an average of 25 million lightning strikes are estimated to occur annually across the United States. “Most are harmless, both to people and the environment,” he said.

But special care should be taken with lightning at this time of year. Summer thunderstorms and summer activities, such as going to the beach or the mountains, pose more risk. In case you are caught in a thunderstorm, it is best to find shelter in a building or vehicle. Although it is common knowledge, you should never take shelter under a tree as it poses more risk. Finally, if there is no other possibility, try to stay as low as possible.