Inspection and maintenance

Inspection and maintenance protocol for lightning rods with priming device

Every lightning protection installation must be reviewed following the criteria established by its own standard. In the case of Aiditec Systems lightning rods with priming device (ESE), they must be made in accordance with the UNE 21186:2011 standard, in its section number 8 on installation, verification and maintenance.

It must be guaranteed that the level of protection is correct by calculating the risk in accordance with the UNE 21186:2011 standard. Once this value is known, the revisions are scheduled according to the standard:

I y II 1 2 1
III y IV 2 4 1

ESE used in structures at risk of explosion should be visually verified every 6 months. The electrical tests of the installation should be carried out once a year.

Lightning strikes must be recorded using the ADT Counter lightning counter. This same counts and records the direct impacts and surges of a lightning protection system. It does not need external power supply and is compatible with any type of installation.


The objective is to ensure that the entire installation of the ESE is correctly carried out in accordance with the UNE 21186:2011 standard and the following points will be made:

  • The ESE is 2m above the elements to be protected.
  • The ESE preserves its physical integrity.
  • The number of downconductors is correct.
  • The continuity of the visible conductors is correct.
  • All fixings and mechanical protections are in good condition.
  • No damage due to lightning strikes.
  • Separation distances and equipotential bonding are respected.
  • The indicator on the surge protectors does not indicate failure.


The complete verification includes visual inspections and the following measures to verify:

  • The electrical continuity of the conductors.
  • The resistance values of the ground connection.
  • The operation of the ESE by using the AS Tester PRO.


When a verification shows that there are deficiencies or anomalies in the lightning protection system, it is convenient to carry out the repair as soon as possible to guarantee the efficiency of the system.

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