Efficient and high-speed solutions

Aiditec Systems telecommunication products for fiber optics are designed to take advantage of the technology and electrical transmission to offer efficient and high-speed communication solutions.

These products have been designed by our R&D team in cooperation with large European Telecommunications companies to meet the needs of installers on a daily basis.

Connection devices

Point of termination of the optical connection cable in the residential environment. In its tray it allows to accommodate two fusion splices and store their corresponding fibers. The wall plug has two lower entrances, one upper and one rear for the connection cables. The wall plug can be supplied without a cord or connectors to be used as a transition box for an external or internal connection cable.

Reference ASFIB001
Dimensions 105,07 x 83,07 x 25,23 mm
Box material self-extinguishing ABS UL V-0
Screws material Stainless steel
Groomets 3 x 3-7 mm
Single fiber G657-A2 900 micron protection
Pig-tail B grade SC/APC
Standards ERQ.f6.0212
If you need a telecommunications accessory with different characteristics, contact us and our technical department will advise you on the most appropriate choice.

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