Aiditec Systems stands out as one of the 10 global SMEs that have been able to adapt to the new normal. Something that has been reflected in our way of transforming difficulties into new opportunities and greater productivity.

This transformation has been possible thanks to an asset that we have been able to take advantage of and exploit in a very fruitful way: exports.

The Spanish newspaper Levante-EMV wanted to talk to us to get first-hand information on how the company has adapted to the new social, economic and environmental situation that our planet is going through. In addition, we talked about how we have positioned ourselves as a reference company at national and international level being a relatively young SME.

We leave you the excerpt of the news for the economic supplement of Levante-EMV this Sunday, September 5, 2021:

“As every cloud has a silver lining, climate change is being a blessing from heaven -never better said- for the Valencian company Aiditec Systems. This small company with eight workers and a turnover of 2.3 million euros manufactures lightning conductors that it sells on five continents. From Mexico and Peru to Serbia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Egypt, Malaysia and India. Daniel Blanco, founder of this firm together with his father Ángel Blanco just a decade ago, assures:

“The acceleration of the effects of climate change produces storms, increasingly stronger, with a lot of electrical apparatus and people try to protect their homes, communities of owners and businesses. When a lightning strike on a building is reported in the media, queries to our website skyrocket and demand increases considerably.”

To be somewhat didactic, a ESE (lightning arrester with priming device) such as those manufactured by Aiditec Systems is a protection device whose purpose is to safely channel a lightning strike to the ground, avoiding damage to living beings or structures. The price of these lightning rods varies, depending on the model, between 500 and 1200 euros.

This small company has focused since its inception in 2011 on creating lightning protection systems that include external (PDC lightning arresters) and internal (surge arresters) protection. Aiditec Systems carries out the complete manufacturing of lightning conductors at its facilities in Valencia, where it has a specialized workshop. It produces around 2,000 units per year and, as the owner explains, 80% of its turnover comes from abroad. Why are only 20% of sales domestic?

“The reason is the payment terms in Spain, which can take 200 days. We are manufacturers, we are not in the business of financing products, nor do we believe we should act like a bank. That’s why we decided to focus on the international market.” -Daniel Blanco points out.

The company has a collaboration agreement with MD Equipos Tecnológicos, a Valencian company specialized in the protection of electrical, computer and communications installations. Through MD, Aiditec distributes its products in the Spanish market, while MD channels through Aiditec its sales abroad.”

From Aiditec Systems we are very satisfied with our work and progress since the creation of our company 10 years ago and how we have been able to adapt to the new normality that accompanies us. For this reason, we want to thank Levante-EMV for recognizing all our effort and for expressing it in this way.