According to experts, the probability of being struck by lightning is negligible (1 in 3,000,000). However, there are really curious stories that surprise us as, for example, that of Roy Sullivan that we told you a few weeks ago or, in this case, the one narrated by Sharon Stone a few days ago.

Last weekend Sharon Stone was trending on social networks for a topic unrelated to her career. The actress revealed, in the podcast Films to be buried with, how she was struck by lightning and fired through her kitchen.

“It was at home. We had our own well. I was filling a griddle with water. I had the faucet in one hand and the other on the iron when suddenly lightning struck and the power came through the water.” She recounted.

As the actress explained, what happened next “was really crazy”: “The lightning hit me and I shot through the kitchen, hitting the fridge. I was like… wow! My mom was there and hit me in the face to bring me back. I was so upset, I couldn’t describe it any better.”

The next thing she remembers was waking up after being knocked unconscious and seeing everything very bright. Her mother took her to the hospital where they saw that there was still energy left in her body. “The electrocardiograms showed a lot of electricity in my body, I had to have tests for 10 days.”

Stone revealed that she feels very lucky to be alive but, the truth is that, although with some after-effects, most people who are struck by lightning survive.

After what happened, the program Julia en la Onda de Onda Cero echoed the news and wanted to talk to Aiditec Systems, experts in lightning and surge arresters, to clarify and resolve certain doubts about it.

You can hear the fragment below: