Dennis Oswald is a German photographer specializing in nature, landscape and travel photography. However, what Dennis is really known for is chasing and photographing weather phenomena such as lightning, storms, clouds and tornadoes.

His Nikon D700 and D800 are never missing from his travels. His passion for photography comes from the age of four, when on a family trip they were forced to stop the car due to the strength of the storm and a lightning struck next to them. Then, he was able to observe what a storm looked like from the inside and was shocked and fascinated in equal parts.

Dennis Oswald has said on occasion that storms are a beautiful wonder of nature, majestic landscapes in the sky, and it is a unique experience to be able to feel them from the inside.

If you are still hungry for more, visit his website where you can see in more detail the magnificent work of this great photographer, contact him and buy some of his works in print format.