Have you just bought or rented a house and want to prepare it quickly so that everything is ready?

Indeed, there are many people who, when they arrive at a house for the first time, feel a little lost about what are the necessary elements to make that house a new home.

The decoration and the furniture will give that personal touch to your house but to be comfortable and calm what you will need is to install the energy efficiency, to always be at the right temperature, and a lightning rod that will ensure the safety of your home.

The main energy formalities

However, before getting into these matters, the new tenant must make sure to register the electricity with Endesa or the corresponding company if he really wants to have electricity consumption.

It should be noted that the process of registering for electricity for the first time is not immediate; this means that registering for electricity takes a few days to become effective, normally up to seven working days. In this sense, it is advisable to do it before moving in in order to have electricity.

One of the most frequently asked questions by users on this subject is how much it costs to register for electricity with the companies. Fortunately, the price for registering electricity is regulated; that is to say, it is the same in all the distributors, since the government decides them.

This is because citizens cannot choose a distributor since the company is selected by the government; therefore, it would be unfair for the user to have to sign up for electricity with one company and pay a high price just because he/she lives in a certain area.

Choose a tariff for your new home

Once you have already registered your electricity supply, you will have to choose a cheap tariff. Undoubtedly, one of the most economical are those known as hourly rate, since this has a very economical price for electricity during the night. In these cases, if the bulk of your consumption is during the night, it is very worthwhile.

Why thermal insulation?

One of the reasons why consumption rises, especially in the winter and summer months, when temperatures are more extreme, is because the home is not properly insulated. Indeed, the heat from the heating or the coolness of the air conditioning is affected by outside temperatures and therefore has to consume more than it would in optimal conditions. Fighting against this is very simple, you just need to apply some of these ideas:

  • Put double windows or install a new one with thermal bridge break.
  • Use textiles such as curtains or carpets.
  • Insert insulating panels in the exterior walls.

Why a lightning rod?

Storms are a very common meteorological phenomenon and although they are generally dangerous, you never know when there may be a problem. Fortunately, with a simple installation of a lightning rod you can guarantee the safety not only of your belongings but also of what you love the most, the people who live in your home. It is also interesting to protect the electrical installations and the animals that live with you.