A lightning strike struck a worker at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers (USA) while he was working next to a plane on the runway. The accident resulted in third-degree burns.

The lightning struck the tail of the plane, traveled through the fuselage and struck 21-year-old Austin Dunn. Fortunately, the young man is now recovering from the burns.

This happened because the airplane is a metal structure and that metal creates a Faraday cage. This cage is defined as an enclosure covered with metal, which when electricity is applied to it, it is not able to reach the inside and is conducted to the outside. Therefore, trees, antennas and living beings that are on the outside are exposed to the impact of lightning.

Nothing to do with an active lightning rod, such as our PDC Advance, Sigma and Electron. A lightning rod like this one captures the lightning, preventing it from falling in the immediate vicinity and preventing any misfortune from occurring. For large outdoor areas, which are almost impossible to protect, only active lightning conductors can be used.

Lightning strikes are one of the main causes of death associated with thunderstorms. Its impact can trigger cardiac arrest and injuries, as well as irreversible brain damage.

Precisely for this reason it is necessary to protect our homes, buildings, farms or companies. In this way we will avoid damage to people, animals, personal belongings or installations and machinery.

The best thing to do is to have a specialized installer evaluate the needs. To protect your home in the best way, contact us.