Help us protect people. 

Be our international distributor.


We are looking for an international distributor for our products. We currently have presence in 27 countries in the 5 continents, but we want to be all over the world.

In Aiditec Systems we know that the future belongs to international companies, able to distribute from Sweden to South Africa, from Canada to Australia. We know that the quality of our products and their price can compete in any market, so we are going to expand worldwide. We want to have a distributor in all those countries where we don’t have one yet.

That’s why we want to work with lightning protection companies around the world, so that anyone can access our technology to be safe. Being an international distributor of our products means saving human lives and protecting your precious belongings.

Our main technologies are Lightning Arresters with Priming Device and Surge Protectors. These devices have passed the most rigorous tests performed by independent laboratories.

Our current distributors claim that we stand out from other companies in our quick response, personalized attention and almost immediate delivery. Not every company can say that. Nor can all companies say that they provide the technical assistance needed to fix any situation.

If you are interested in distributing our products, and want to know the conditions, contact us, we are waiting for you.