PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos) is a state-owned oil and natural gas producer, transporter, refiner and marketer in Mexico with a large production both domestically and internationally.

Exploration and Production
Crude oil production: 2,267 thousand barrels per day.
Natural gas production: 6,401 million cubic feet per day.
75% of crude oil production is offshore.

8th largest crude oil producer in the world.
Crude oil exports: 1,142 Mbd.
3rd largest crude oil exporter to the United States.
Long-term relationship with refineries in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico coast.
Joint Venture (JV) with Shell in Deer Park, Texas.

AIDITEC SYSTEMS, a company specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of lightning protection systems, has supplied PEMEX service stations in Mexico with Sigma R lightning rods and its grounding systems based on stainless steel with titanium alloy at the Guanajuato and Minatitlán plants, thus protecting the facilities, workers and customers from possible atmospheric electrical discharges.

Sigma R protection radii are calculated and tested according to CTE SU8, UNE 21186, NCF 17102 and NP 442 standards. These standards guarantee that this protection system has:

  • Dimensions based on the standards
  • Resistance to current: certificate of resistance against salt spray and sulfurous humid atmospheres.
  • Current withstand: 100 kA certificate (10/350 μs).
  • Time of advance in the priming that guarantees the protection radius.

For all these reasons, protecting your home or business with a Sigma R lightning arrester guarantees the best protection for your loved ones and your property at the best price.