During our visit to Mexico, our managers Ángel José Blanco Jiménez and Arturo Fernández not only gave training, seminars and technical commercial visits. Through our partners, we were able to provide support and assistance by visiting construction sites, as in this case.

Here we presented the technical characteristics of the 22igma tip, one of our star products, and we recommended it to protect this infrastructure from images.

This industrial park is the production plant of Truper, a leading manufacturer of hand and power hardware tools and one of the most powerful companies in Mexico. It is located in the municipality of Jilotzingo, in the State of Mexico.

This production plant will be protected by Aiditec Systems with lightning protection systems thanks to the 22igma lightning rod tips, lightning rods equipped with the most advanced technologies on the market, guaranteed and tested in internationally recognized laboratories and with a seal of quality and authenticity of manufacture in Spain with European Aiditec Systems technology, 100% lifetime warranty.

Our partner in Mexico, CONSORCIO AMESA, accompanied us to visit the Truper plant and we would like to thank them for their support.