Every precaution is too little when it comes to thunderstorms. It is an exciting meteorological phenomenon, but it also has its dangers. Here are some recommendations on what not to do during a thunderstorm.

Do the dishes or take a bath

Pipes are excellent conductors, so if lightning strikes and you are in contact with the faucet, it could strike you.

Using the landline telephone

If lightning strikes the pole supporting the telephone cable, it can cause a power surge that will propagate to the handset. It is therefore much more advisable, in the event of a thunderstorm, to talk on the cell phone.

Watching television or using the computer

A lightning discharge can travel through the circuits of household appliances and cause short circuits, damaging them completely.

Traveling by convertible car

The metal structure of a normal car protects the occupants of the car. This is because if lightning were to strike the vehicle, it would act as a Faraday cage, diverting the electric current from the outside to the ground. This would be impossible if it were a convertible car, as the lightning would strike the occupant of the vehicle directly.

Touching something inside the vehicle

If lightning strikes the vehicle, there is a small chance that the energy will propagate through the electrical system. It is best to turn off the engine and do not touch anything until the storm has passed.