There are stormy days when we have wondered what would happen to our car if lightning were to strike it.

First of all, it should be noted that the probability of lightning striking a car is negligible. This is due to the fact that lightning looks for sharp elements located at heights such as trees, electric towers, buildings, lightning rods… and even a person walking in an open field. Vehicles, due to their shape without protrusions and the fact that they drive on the ground, it is very difficult for them to attract lightning.

In the unlikely event that lightning were to strike our car, it would act as a Faraday Cage, just as it does with airplanes. The lightning would circulate around the outside of the car and would discharge into the ground through a tip-shaped element such as the exhaust pipe.

For this to occur, the windows would have to be closed, preventing any air flow from inside to outside.

The bodywork, especially the point where the lightning strikes, could be damaged and even perforated. In addition, the electronics would be the most affected by this impact, since induced voltages would be produced in the electronic circuits that would damage them.