The importance of lightning arrester inspections is a safety issue. A lightning protection system in poor condition poses a greater risk than no lightning protection system at all.

The revision and maintenance of a lightning protection installation is necessary due to the incredible energy that lightning can have. A lightning strike of more than 200,000 amperes (less than 1% of lightning strikes) is capable of damaging the installation, but it is not the only reason. Reforms in the facades, bad installations, damages by climatological effects or changes in the value of the grounding, are some of the risk factors that can make the installation not to be in optimal conditions to receive the next lightning.

In addition, there is another important factor to consider. According to the UNE 21186 standard, any lightning rod installation must be checked annually.

The revision, in general, has a low cost and is done in a short time. In conclusion, it is the way to ensure that all the protection, both internal and external, is working properly.

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