A man was injured by lightning in Madrid. An event that, although unlikely, affects more than 20,000 people worldwide.

A 40-year-old man was trying to take shelter from the storm under a tree in Pradolongo Park when he was seriously injured by a lightning strike.

The spokesman for Emergencias de Madrid reported that at around 22:00h on Saturday they received the warning and, on arriving at the scene, they could clearly see that the lightning had entered through the shoulder and exited through the foot. At that moment, the man was in cardiorespiratory arrest. After a few minutes of CPR maneuvers, they managed to restore his pulse and he was immediately transferred to the 12 de Octubre hospital.

This is not an isolated case, as people are still unaware of the real dangers of thunderstorms and the precautions to take in the face of them.

The first thing to do when a storm hits you in the open is to seek shelter. We should avoid at all costs taking shelter under a tree or lying down. Finally, if there is nowhere nearby to take shelter, crouch down until the storm passes.

As shown in the drawing, we must stand on tiptoe and with our heels together to prevent the electricity from running through our whole body. The head should be tilted downwards and the ears should be covered with the hands. In addition, we must stay away from any possible conductor.

In this article we show you some more recommendations to take into account in order to avoid events like the one that happened last Saturday.