The passage of DANA through the Mediterranean is leaving significant damage throughout the Comunitat.

One of the most serious events occurred last Friday on the beach of Bellreguard, when the impact of lightning struck two people who were on the shore. The lightning struck the sea and the electricity spread through the water until it reached the affected people, who were very close to the radius of action.

One of them went into cardiorespiratory arrest, but thanks to the resuscitation maneuvers of the rescuers, when the SAMU arrived the young man was already conscious.

The other victim, a 50 year old woman, was taken to the Frances de Borja hospital in Gandia with the young man, as she presented severe pain in her leg due to the flash.

It is of vital importance to be informed, from an early age, of what to do and how to protect ourselves in case we find ourselves at sea with storms. The first golden rule is to get out of the water immediately and seek shelter, but if we do not find shelter, the best thing to do is to crouch down in the fetal position with the head between the legs and not to use, under any circumstances, the cell phone, as it could act as a lightning rod.

Every precaution is too little when it comes to a storm. In this article we leave you some advice on what not to do during this atmospheric phenomenon.